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CBD Products

CBD Oil Drops

CannaBliss Broad Spectrum Oil Drops are made with premium flowers from organically grown hemp from the USA, made with organic food grade MCT coconut oil, and CBD from organically grown hemp in the USA. We include the most nutritious part of the plant for the best results.

NEW Extra Strength Oils and Tinctures

500 mg CBD Oil Sensitive Formula (Pink Label)

16 mg per dose

This is perfect for pets or for smaller bodies.

30 ml |  $35

60 ml | $60


1000 mg CBD Oil  (Blue Label)

32 mg per dose

Also available in sensitive

30 ml |  $45

60 ml | $80


3000 mg CBD Oil  (Purple Label)

96 mg per dose

This is a no nonsense dose for people with moderate to severe pain and anxiety.

Also available in sensitive

15 ml  |  $45

30 ml  |  $80

60 ml   |  $150

6000 mg CBD Oil  (Orange Label)

192 mg per dose

This is a no nonsense dose for people with severe pain and anxiety. 

Also available in sensitive

15 ml  |  $80

30 ml  |  $150

60 ml   |  $300




Screen Shot 2020-12-03 at 10.18.27
Botanical Buzz Creme
4 oz | 1150 mg  |  $68



Botanical Buzz Creme with 1150 mg of CBD and a proprietary blend of wholesome plant oils, esters, and essences became our best seller and with good reason. It REALLY works. Try it and see why so many come back to purchase again and again.

What makes this the best CBD pain creme on the market?

1. We start with premium skin care ingredients; plant oils and essences and combine them with artisan CBD tinctures extracted from organically grown whole hemp flowers grown right here in the USA by experienced organic growers.

2.  It is water based, so it penetrates the epidermis to saturate your pores with CBD phyto-goodness.

3. Created by a board certified licensed esthetician and ingredients specialist, utilizing my knowledge to formulate an effective product.

4. Being a cancer survivor and cannabis medical patient, I have a unique understanding of how cannabis personally works on my own body for pains, anxiety, and ailments.

This truly homeopathic blend has been meticulously tested and measured for the best results for pain relief. The result is a fast working topical CBD product to help alleviate deep body pain. Find out why this is our best seller and why people return to buy it again and again.


Necessity being the mother of invention, prompted its creation to provide relief from the deep neuropathic pain caused by Parkinson's disease for a suffering friend.


Our hand-crafted botanical buzz creme is a homeopathic and synergistic blend with cannabidiol (CBD), and easily absorbs into the skin. Blended with premium quality CBD from organically grown hemp flowers,  grown in the USA, massage onto sore muscles and inflamed joints for pain relief as needed.


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